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"A lot has happened in the past few years with my career ~ many good things ~ and I can't help but feel that I owe it to you and your book Creative Cash! You'll never know how much help it was and how many times I have recommended it to others who are seeking new avenues and ventures for their creativity! You have made a tremendous difference in my life and I owe you much!" - Lisa Galvin, Designer-Artist

"My creative life is booming, and I can honestly say that, thanks to your Creative Cash book which I discovered 13 years ago (my mom had given me the book--an answer to a prayer of what I should do with my creative skills!), I have traveled the creative path and have never turned back. It has been an exciting world of watercolor painting and self-discovery, and I am now working on some children's stories I also plan to illustrate." - Yvonne Ward

"It all really began when I discovered your book, Creative Cash. I couldn't put it down' I had to read it straight through. Once I finished it, I had this tingling feeling in my stomach. I knew that I wanted another change; however, I couldn't force myself to do it just yet. It was then that I came across Homemade Money, which I digested in one sitting. Then I waited one week and sat down to read over it more slowly, marking it as I went. By the time I finished it the second time, I knew that what I had to do was go out on my own. Two months later, I did. Thank you for your wonderful work." - Richard Tuttle, AC Webworks 

"I have just finished your fabulous book, Creative Cash. I couldn't put it down! I taught school in East LA for thirty years and recently retired due to ill health. Now that I've recovered, I have begun to get inspiration and creative ideas again. I felt like I was floating on a raft with no land in sight until I read your book. You have taken me out of the land of the wandering and aimless and set me on my course of action!" - Deana Shaw

"What a wonderful book!!! As I read over the pages, I couldn't help but think of how very many lives you are about to touch and forever change through the words in this book. How lucky we are that you've shared your gift with us. Many thanks, once again, for being my voice of encouragement over the years, inspiring me to reach out beyond the ‘comfort zone’ and guiding me along the way with your words of wisdom."
     - Annie Lang, Annie Things Possible

"Thanks so much for including me in your book, Creative Cash. I never dreamed when I bought my first copy of it in the 1980s that I would someday be part of it."
     - Julia Morrill

"Such a great book! I feel as though I'm sitting at your kitchen table as you tell me step by step. It's terrific. So complete, too. After two days, I finished the book. Also had two sleepless nights due to thinking and mentally planning. Now I'm going to re-read it and use a highlighter. (My best friend says she loves having a book after I've read it because she just reads the highlighted sections.)" 
     - Donna Brady, Art From the Heart

“While in the middle of waiting on a hurricane to figure out what it was going to do, I started to read Creative Cash. I just had to tell you that I have found more information in the first two chapters of your book than I have anywhere in the last two years! Thank you very much."  
     - Rose Marie Humbert

"I just received Creative Cash and want to thank you for putting all the information I need to get started all in one easy-to-follow and down-to-earth book! I am the young mother of three small children, and I have become obsessed with American doughcraft and can hardly wait to share my love with the rest of the world. I have been suffering as a result of my own lack of confidence, but your words and stories have given me the extra push I needed. Thank you!"
     - Christi Friley

"We were impressed by the mass of info you packed into Creative Cash. Personal stories really do help convey just what real people are doing."
     - Rita & Gary Villa, Smidgens

"Creative Cash is a great resource, and I'm recommending it to anyone I meet who is thinking of starting a home business. The tips I found in your book were invaluable and saved me from making costly mistakes." 
     - Jacquelyn Fox, Waxing Moon Designs

"Creative Cash found me sorry that the book had come to an end. All the material was absolutely terrific. Your readers will find themselves not only enjoying the experiences of others but continually learning new business tips throughout the book. I really think this is the best one you have written."
     - Rita Stone Conwell, Crafts Remembered


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