Selected reader comments about

"I just finished reading your book . . . you have inspired me!"   - Ward M. Grafton, Jr., Orlando, FL

"Your books have helped me so much to start putting my business together. Without their trustworthy guidance, I would be doing a lot of floundering around." - Loretta Rock, Riverside, CA

"This book has really helped me pursue my dream." - Niki Mercedes, New York, NY

". . . an invaluable source of information on the business of crafts." - Lynn Craig, New Trenton, IN

"I've read both Handmade for Profit and Creative Cash . . .thank you for being such an inspiration and having a good sense of humor! I really appreciate your knowledge and for sharing it with everyone." - Jill Motovidlak

"I wish I had read your book four years ago–it would have made my crafting road a lot easier. You have inspired me beyond belief, and I just don't know how to thank you for it."   - Tara Darr

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