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"The book is very informative, but what got me most excited was the opportunity to put on my thinking cap and participate in networking and brainstorming with authors, crafters and artisans. I found myself not just passively reading, but interacting with them, listening to what they say, evaluating it and, of course, adding my own thoughts. What a stimulating experience! I highly recommend this book."
      - Nily Glaser,
A Wedding Day Shopping Plaza/p>

As one of those who were interviewed for this book, I really enjoyed reading it. I got very inspired with ways to spruce up my business and found with every chapter the wheels would start turning. Probably the best for me was your discussion about trying to not do it all and taking care of ourselves. Thanks for getting me to look at this problem again and realize there is no shame in giving responsibilities to someone else when it's necessary." 
     - Sue Cloutman, CMC Toys  

"Make It Profitable is FANTASTIC! It's everything I've been dealing with in my new business line. I can't put it down!"
      - Karen Lyons,
KJLyons Design

"Make It Profitable . . . hit home with me. I especially enjoyed the networking sessions. It is nice to see one is not alone in seeking out new areas in the craft field and that mistakes have been made and people have survived. Family can be a great support group, but sometimes they can also make you feel like you're nuts when you start taking on new risks and adventures."
      - Jane Snedden Peever, Jane's Wool Studio

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