Reviews and Reader Comments
for the all-new, two-volume edition of

"Brabec speaks from a lifetime of experience. . . has weathered the storms and know what it takes to create a business that has longevity." - Barbara Winter, Winning Ways News 

"Barbara has surpassed herself with her all-new edition of her classic reference for entrepreneurs, Homemade Money."-  Joanne Pratt, Teleworking & Telecommuting Futurist 

quot;Barbarahas her finger on the pulse of the home-based business owner.Bringing in the Bucks is enthusiastically recommended!" - Sherry Carnahan, Total Office, Inc.

Barbara Brabec really takes the mystery out of working from home with this great book, Homemade Money: Starting Smart!" - Harrison, Home-Based Working Moms

"Once again Barbara Brabec has created a masterpiece of a book for small and home-based business people. . . Bringing in the Bucks is a steal at $24.95." - John Schulte, National Mail Order Association

"Barbara Brabec knows more about how to run a successful home-based business than anyone in the nation."  - Alan Caruba, BOOKVIEWS

"I had intended to quickly skim through Starting Smart to get an idea of what was contained in it, but the more I read, the more I REALLY read! Before long, my head was full of new ideas and information. Not only did I begin to see new directions and opportunities, but I found affirmation of some ideas I had been considering and warning signs for some that could be detrimental to my business and financial health, too." - Steve Maurer, Steve Maurer Publications

"Barb's a wiz at problem-solving, and going beyond Einstein in solving problems of time and space, she even includes a section on marketing without money. Easy to absorb, her strategies are laced with anecdotes that prove her points with humor and insight." - Betty Chypre, Art & Craft Show Yellow Pages 

"I was very impressed with Barbara's new books. They are well worth the read if you are thinking of starting up a home business or already have one--her two-volume edition is a powerful success tool you can't afford to be without!" - Heather Diodati, On a Whim Ezine

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