"The life which is unexamined is not worth living." - Plato

"I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there." - Herb Caen

Harry Brabec

The Last of a Dying Breed—A Wife's Loving Tribute

Barbara's Series of Articles for Widows and other grieving hearts

Harry's Book Collection. Barbara explains why she decided to offer her husband's lifetime collection of books on the Amazon Marketplace.

Finding "Gold" on the Living Room Bookshelves (a PDF document)

See also the LIFE LESSONS department for many other articles by Barbara that relate to her personal life and experiences.

Slices of My Life

Articles on this Site

Tired of Being Fat? How to Lose That Unwanted Weight. It took Barbara fifty years to finally do something about the excess weight she had been carrying for decades. The life-changing weight-loss secrets she learned from eight months’ experience on Weight Watchers (with 32 pounds lost) may be just the push you need to finally get serious about a diet and stick with it.

Out with the Old, In with the New—The Thoughts of a Widow Now Ten Years Into Her Journey. In this continuing series of articles for widows, Barbara talks about how nearing the ten-year mark in her journey prompted her to take another life-changing widow's step. (This article links to a PDF pictorial story about this experience.)

Barbara's Brief Career as a Musical Entertainer. Music was Barbara's passion in the late fifties and early sixties when she was performing professionally in the Chicago area as a solo marimbist. Fancy dresses and three-inch rhinestone heels were the norm between 1956-1962 when she was presenting recitals and entertaining at weddings, women's clubs, and a supper club in Chicago. Related PDF documents include:

Barbara Brabec, Marimbist and Entertainer. a pictorial document of interest to women who appreciate vintage gowns and dresses of that era, as well as to musicians interested in learning how Barbara promoted herself as a musical entertainer.

Memories of My Teacher, James Dutton. Barbara remembers her lessons with this virtuoso marimbist and outstanding teacher and his impact on her life.

Barbara's Cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Star. Enjoy this multi-page photo gallery of her scenery and wildlife photos, which include the Mendenhall and Sawyer glaciers; land excursions to see eagles, totems, and whales; outstanding sculpture by Alaskan artists; and the best Salmon Spread recipe you're likely to find.

Remembering Ella Fitzgerald. Barbara remembers her sweet encounter with this unforgettable entertainer (a PDF document).

A Carson & Barnes Circus Memory. Barbara recalls one of the most memorable circus performances she ever saw—the day Harry was invited to sit in with the Carson and Barnes Circus as it warmed up for the performance.

Nostalgic Memories of Peonies and My High-School Graduation. Every year, the new crop of peonies in my back yard brings back nostalgic memories of my home town and my graduation, in which peonies played a big role.

Life is Like a Baseball Game. A poem by Barbara written for her father's 76th birthday.

The Christmas Place. In the lyrics of a song written for her mother, Barbara remembers Christmas as a child in Buckley, Illinois in the 1950s.

Christmas Card for Website Visitors. Barbara's cat, Charlee, adds to her annual Christmas joy.

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