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Four-Generation Family Tree

illustration of align hand-drawn family tree

THE ABOVE ILLUSTRATION is how Marcella drew images of the various branches of the six-generation family tree (covering 135 years) that she created for her private family memoir. The abbreviated tree below includes only those family members mentioned in Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories. (Some birth and death dates are unknown.)

James Robinson (1818-1893
James Harvey Newman (1850-1940)
Charles James Newman (1891-1980)
Emory D. Williams (1882-1970)
Harm Janssen Schaumburg (1846-1930)
Jonas Schaumburg (1880-1972)
William J. Schaumburg (1907-1982

begins here with an introduction to Marcella and her family.


James Robinson (1818-1893). His parents came from England before the Revolutionary war in 1774-1778. He was born in Sara County, North Carolina; moved to Pike County, Kentucky in 1835. Married Rachel Clark (1829-1909)in 1847. Their children:

Elizabeth (1848-1932)

Eliza (1850-1933) (Marcella’s beloved grandmother at right)

Millie (1852-1887)

William Jefferson (1854-1924)

Frankie (1857 —unknown)

John Wesley (1858-1930)

Andrew (1861-1863)

Daniel (1864-1925)

Melissa (1867-1936)

Sara (1870-1937)

James Edward (1872-1951)


James Harvey Newman (1850-1940). Parents were Pennsylvania Dutch, evidently came from Germany. Three brothers: Peter, Sam and John; two sisters—Rianda and Rue. Married Eliza Robinson (1850-1933) in 1867.

photo of James Harvy Newman and famikly in 1920s

James H. Newman and Eliza Robinson Newman (arms around Marcella); Lizzie Newman Davis, and Marcella's brother, Raymond.

BACK ROW: Warren Davis, Emory and Ollie Williams, Grace and Charles Newman (Marcella's Uncle Charlie and Aunt Grace, first mentioned in the 1925 memoir notes.)


Emory D. Williams (1882-1970). Little is known of his parents, except that his father, David Williams, and his mother, whose maiden name was Florence M. Prescot, emigrated from England. They died when he was quite young, leaving him and his sister, Lillie, to be raised by an aunt and uncle, of whom nothing is known, except that she died of consumption at the age of 18. 

Married Mary Melissa Olivine Newman Williams (1883-1979) in 1904.

photo of Emory D. Williams and his 
bride, Mary Melissa Olivine Newman

Their children:

Violet Irene (1907-1910).

Raymond Collins (1909-1988). Married Vira Whitwell in 1942.

Marcella Eliza (1914-1992). Married William J. Schaumburg in 1935.

See family photo album here.

The children of James Harvey Newman:

Lizzie Margot (1868-1940). Married Warren Davis; nine children.

Joseph Frank (1872-about 1951). Never married.

Rachel (1875-1947). Married George Koenig; nine children.

Jonnie (1877-1883).

Mary Melissa Olivine (1883-1979). Married Emory D. Williams (1883-1970; three children. (A note found in her papers noted that her mother, Eliza, had moved to Milford in 1907 and died in her house.)

Charles James (1891-1980). Married Grace Evans; four children.

Children of Charles James Newman (1891-1980) and Grace Evans Newman:

Raymond (1922-2007). Married Lois; three children.

Ruth (1924 —.) One child.

Lucille (1927 —). Married Richard Grooms;
widowed 1992; four children.

Russell (1937-2017). Married Mary Ruth
(1941 —); three children.


Harm Janssen Schaumburg (1846-1930). Born in Oltman Fehn, Austria. Married Anna C. Lucht. Had 12 children, one of which was Jonas.

The children of Jonas Schaumburg (1880-1972) and Johanna Lena Ferdinand (1886-1920. (Johanna died in childbirth in 1920 and was buried with the baby in her arms.) Their children were:

Harm Christian (1902-1989). Married Marie Frerichs.

Johanna (Hannah) Patica (1906-1994). Married Russell Moore; two children—Patsy and Russell.

William Joseph (1907-1982). Married Marcella Williams (1914-1992); three children—Barbara Ann, Mary Lee, and Mollie Marie (at right).

Anna Gasha Emma (1909-1995). Married Wilburt Sauerbier; one child, Dennis.

Peter Rinehart(1911-1984). Married Neva Smith; four children—Jane, Joan, Susan, and Jerry.

Lily Grace Gazina (1913-1999). Married LeRoy Hofer; two children—Joy and Sonnie; later married Earl Walders.

Emma Margaret Carlena (1917-1929).

Children of William J. Schaumburg (1907-1982) and Marcella Eliza Williams (1914-1992):

Barbara Ann (1937—). Married Harry J. Brabec; no children.

Mary Lee (1941—). Married Merrill Kaufmann; two children: Kathryn Michelle (1968—) and Kristin Dawn (1969—).

Mollie Marie (1947—). Married James H. Wakeman; two children: Jeffrey Alan
(1969—) and Matthew Brendan (1975—).

photo of Mollie Wakeman, 
Barbara Brabec, and Mary Kaufman, the three Schaumburg sisters from Buckley, Illinois

The Schaumburg Sisters in 2017
Mollie, Barbara, and Mary

See family photo album here.

Jonas Schaumburg and his children in 1927. BACK row, left to right: Harm, William, Anna, and Peter; Front: Emma, Jonas, Lily, and the family dog.

This family photo was taken in 1972, shortly before Jonas' death. Left to right: Peter and Neva; Harm and Marie, Lily and Earl, Anna and Wilburt, Bill and Marcella, and Hannah.


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