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ATTENTION: Writers in the Naperville, Illinois Area

"Life Writing for Pleasure or Profit"
Workshops Offered by Barbara Brabec

(Time sensitive; offer expires on May 15.)

BEGINNING IN MID-MAY, I will present the first of six FREE "Life Writing for Pleasure or Profit workshops in Naperville. Sponsored by Knox Presbyterian Church at 1105 Catalpa Lane, they will be held in one of the church's meeting rooms from 2:30-4:00 and 7:00-8:30 each Wednesday for six weeks beginning May 16.

If you live in my locality and would like to participate in these classes, get on my mailing list by emailing me with a subject line of "Interested in your workshops." Include your name, address, and phone number. You'll receive registration information by email when those details are in place after the 25th of April.

More about the Workshops

THESE WORKSHOPS are open to beginning and advanced writers of all ages who have an interest in life writing for their own pleasure or formally publishing a book for profit. Here's a look at topics now scheduled for discussion in each of the workshops:

Workshop #1: On Being "a Writer" and Writing about Your Life
Workshop #2: Assessing Skills and Knowledge; Technological and Legal Issues
Workshop #3: What to Do With Your/Your Family's Personal Writing
Workshop #4: Stretching Your Writer's Imagination and Improving Skills
Workshop #5: Exploring Ways to Publish Your Writing and Make Money Too
Workshop #6: Getting Started on a Book You Want to Write and Publish

These workshops are a direct byproduct of my latest book, Marcella's Secret Dreams and Stories: A Mother's Legacy, which is touching hearts and prompting many readers to think about the life stories only they can tell. (Read early reviews on Amazon.) Several mothers who have read this book say that it has prompted them to think about writing a family memoir for their children.

Why am I giving my time here without charge? First, because I want to give something back to my Church, which has given me so much. Second, I miss public speaking and teaching and now find myself at a stage in life where it's important to me to give back some of the writing and publishing help I've received from so many others through the years: new ideas, inspiration, motivation, personal encouragement, and how-to instructions.

Many folks quip that they could write a book . . . but they don't know how to get started. Since I started offering professional writing and editing services in 2005, I've helped several beginning writers publish their first book. Now I'm going to see what happens when I bring together a group of people who don't think of themselves as "writers," but who I'm sure have many life-related stories that ought to be shared with their family.

If you are interested in life writing and live in my area, this series of workshops could be life-changing for you. (Sorry, they won't be offered outside of Naperville.) Certainly the writing and independent publication of two very personal biographical memoirs that are also part-autobiographical in nature has changed and benefited my life in profound ways.

What my mother did by publishing a private memoir of her life that also documented the lives of her parents and grandparents was life changing for me and my two sisters, and I want every mother to realize the importance of writing about their life for their family. For those who believe their life is too ordinary to have anything interesting to write about, YOU ARE SO WRONG. And you can prove it to yourself simply by reading my new memoir. I've learned that we all have stories to tell and people who love us and want to hear them.

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