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graphic pointer "I just want to say what an inspiration you have been to me and countless others over the years. Your print newsletter for home business owners that I originally subscribed to back in the 90s convinced me early on that you were an exceptional resource." - James Dillehay, author, Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing (JamesDillehay.com)

graphic pointer "I have been a long time reader and follower of your work. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that you are impacting and empowering women all over the globe. If someone were to ask me who I would most like to emulate, it wouldn’t be some movie start or ultra famous person, it would be Barbara Brabec." - Theresa K. Hardy

graphic pointer "Just dipped into your new bulletin on brain aging, and caught some of your re-invention plans for the new year. You continue to inspire me with your energy and your enthusiasm." Patricia Katz, PatKatz.com

graphic pointer "You are a great example of lifelong learning. Happy to have met you long ago in Pittsburgh at Duquesne University; very happy to stay connected through your newsletter and info." - Maryellen Kelly.

graphic pointer "You are truly a pioneer in the field of creativity and a champion for the struggling artist. You are real in a world of pretentiousness and false hopes." - Kathy Cisneros, songwriter and vocalist

"Unlike most newsletters I get, yours packs a wallop in just a few minutes—informative, sad, glad, and inspirational. You are such a darn good writer—both businesslike and personal. You could hold your own with any of the talking heads on TV/radio on just about any subject and inject a 'Brabecism' or two of humor to boot." - Sylvia Hourihane

"I enjoy your Bulletin very much. I'm often too busy to read articles on the Web, but when you announce each new issue, I take the time to read it from start to finish, no matter how busy I am."  - Dodie Eisenhauer, Village Designs.com

"I look forward to your bulletins, and I click through and read everything you post, usually over the course of a few days. I much admire the verve, determination, and creativity with which you approach life." - Helen Clement


April 2021 Update from Barbara

When I decided to build a new website I also decided to change the focus and content of my Brabec Bulletin.

"Every ending is a new beginning," says author Marianne Williamson, and that fits the new focus of my Bulletins. Because I am now writing in direct response to the call of my heart, that means I am now focusing on LIFE topics of interest to me now—topics that I believe will also be of interest to readers of all ages. I may share some of my own business experiences as I move forward, but I won't be talking about starting, managing, or marketing any kind of homebased business. Been there; done that. For me, it's all about LIFE now. After all, we're all aging and in a race with the clock to get the most out of every day of our life. 

Links to Recent Bulletins

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Finding Balance in a Too-Busy Life and . . . a Godwink Christmas Story (about Barbara's new rescue cat) [ December 2019 Bulletin ]

My Brabec Bulletins currently discus topics related to LIFE and some of the things I’ve learned and am still learning, observing, and dealing with as I try to age gracefully and productively. And being productive in my older age is important to me. I like to finish each day thinking that I haven’t wasted that day; that I've accomplished something of some significance to me or others.

Once my new site is open and I'm able to start blogging, I'll likely be writing on such topics as those listed below, with a focus on only one topic at a time:

Writing for pleasure or profit

Setting goals and pursuing new interests

Coping with and adapting to changing technology

Improving your overall physical and mental health

Nurturing new and old friendships

The joys and pleasures of pet ownership

Home maintenance tips (lessons I've learned)

Insurance & banking strategies in uncertain times

Dealing with medical issues and personal loss

General money-saving tips

Inspirational/motivational tips

Christian encouragement

If the above topics are of interest to you, I hope you will join my mailing list now.

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