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This blog site was closed in 2010.
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Barbara closed her Handmade for Profit blog in December 2010 due to lack of time to develop it as originally planned, but this department now features the site's best and most timeless individual articles and article collections, now in Adobe PDF format. (If you don't have the free Adobe reader, download it here.)


Articles and article collections for crafts business beginners, established business owners, and art/craft industry researchers

Cashing in on Your Creativity. Barbara offers practical suggestions for how to use your natural creativity to do things that will SAVE money as well as make it. Also discusses bartering.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Future of Craft Fairs and Shows, by Bill Ronay

The Combination Farmer's Market/Craft Market--The Direction of the New Craft Fair, by Joan Bleakly

Asbestos: Peril in the Workshop (An Artisan Crafts reprint)

8 Steps to Getting Started as a Crafts Designer by Lisa Galvin

Barbara's PDF Articles

Crafts Business Start-Up Tips. Talk to Loved Ones First * "Nitty-Gritty Legal Stuff" * Working Around Restrictive Zoning Laws * Licenses and Permits * Business Name Registration

Crafts Business Management Tips. Working Around Children * Time Management * Insurance * Calendar Tips

Selling Arts and Crafts. Developing a Good Product Line * Sales Anxiety * Consignment Laws & Pitfalls to Avoid * Hazards of Handling Foreign Orders * Product Scams to Avoid * Selling to Resistant Buyers * Moving Into Wholesaling

Crafts Marketing & PR Tips. Market Research Tips * Marketing in a Sluggish Economy * Finding Your Niche * Postcard Power * Use of Line Drawings in Printed Materials (and how to do one)

Pricing Tips for Crafters. Adjusting Prices * Setting the Last Two Digits of a Price * Lowering Prices * Underpricing Crafts

Refresh Your Spirit with a Staycation. Barbara's suggestions for dealing with burnout; what worked for her one year. Includes info on her mega garage/estate sale in 2009, with photos.

Selling Needlework and Other Labor Intensive Products. Using one of her Taaniko weavings as an example, Barbara suggests thinking about this problem in a different way.

Tax Tips for Crafters. Are You "In Business" or Not? * Hobby Income Defined * Business Bookkeeping: Records That Will Keep the IRS Happy * Resale Tax Number

Motivational Articles for Crafters. Success Comes One Step at a Time * How to Set and Achieve Your Goals * Design a Goals "Wish Box" * How to Chronicle Your Crafts Journey

See also the Home-Biz Articles department for many other articles of interest to crafts business owners.

Should Your Handcrafted Work
be Perfect?

CRAFTSMEN IN INDIA believe that nothing but God is perfect. If they see that something they have created has no flaws, they will deliberately make it imperfect in some small way.

Being "perfect" and being exceptionally well made are two different things entirely. The real beauty of a handcrafted object is the fact that it is not perfect. And it is the small imperfections that convinces one that an object was actually created by human hands, not machinery. The bubbles in glass are proof positive that a living, breathing human being created it; the chisel marks on a carving tell you this piece was not produced by machinery; the slight irregularity of one stoneware plate from another proclaims that hands—not machines—formed their shape.

Just something to think about the next time you find yourself trying too hard to achieve "perfection."


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Historical Industry Articles  

A Brief History of the Crafts Industry. Shows the direct connection between the growth of today's professional handcrafts industry and the retail hobbycrafts supply industry, from 1940 to present day.

The Crafts Industry and Its Importance to the Economy. Featuring CODA's landmark survey statistics with updated info and resources.

The Dissolution of the Society of Craft Designers. Barbara's thoughts on this topic.

Barbara's Memory Box  Projects

Years after Barbara created these projects for her own enjoyment, some were published in her "Making Memories" column for Crafts 'N Things magazine. Each project offers ideas on how to use personal photos and nostalgic keepsakes.

BELOW: Barbara's Cross-Stitch Embroidery on one wall of her office. This page includes detail photos and information of special interest to needleworkers who do cross-stitch embroidery.

Barbara Brabec's cross-stitch
tiger stitcheries.
<p><span class=

Recommended Artist Websites

Barbara LOVES these sites and recommends them when you want to be artistically inspired or merely amused.

Ukraine's Amazing Sand Artist. this site has had more than 17 million views, and I promise it will be one of the most fascinating and enriching YouTube viewing experiences you'll ever have. (From this video, you will be able to link to other sand-art videos.)

Iggy the Kitten Ivestigates an iPad. This is one very smart kitty, one that can create art and play the piano on his owner's iPad. If you're a cat lover, you'll love this YouTube video and may give serious thought to buying an iPad just to entertain your cat.


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