LIFE IS MANY THINGS  at different times . . . from interesting, exciting, surprising, and challenging, to  discouraging, frustrating, stressful, and extremely sad. But we learn from every experience, good or bad, and move on from there.

This department shares lessons the author has learned from a lifetime of self-employment and more than seven decades of just plain living.

A Series of Uplifting Articles for Widows and Others Who Have Lost, or May Soon Lose, Someone They Love

In this from-the-heart series of self-help articles, Barbara shared her most personal writing and the successful coping strategies she used when she lost her husband, Harry, in February, 2005.

In addition to speaking about her own grieving experience and what she learned in the process, Barbara also included insight gained from conversations with other widows and individuals who have lost loved ones. The first article in this series touched the hearts of many readers. Read their special supportive comments HERE.

The Drummer Drives!
Everybody Else Rides, a biography and memoir by Barbara Brabec

THE DRUMMER DRIVES!  Everybody Else Rides. Five years after Harry's death, Barbara published the print edition of her memoir about her life with him. In 2012, an eBook edition was published for the Kindle. See both editions here.


"Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going." - Tennessee Williams

Copyright 2000-2017 by Barbara Brabec. All Rights Reserved.

Life Lessons Learned

Barbara's new book is filled with life lessons, and it now has an ARTICLES department of its own. See Table of Contents.


Accidents and Liability Insurance Issues. A fall on black ice leads Barbara to some scary discoveries about the financial pitfalls of falling on public property.

Are You Deficient in Vitamin D? Millions of Americans are, and if you've never had your vitamin D level checked, you need to ask your doctor to do this now as part of your next blood test.

Are You Prepared for a Disaster? (Tips for Setting up a "Grab It Quick" Box)

Breast Cancer Returns After Twenty Years. Barbara's 2013 Special Report and update to her original 1993 report, "What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer." Links to a related supplemental PDF report, "Why Medical Providers No Longer Want to Serve Medicare Patients."

Cashing in on Your Creativity: Two Ways to Look at It. "Cashing in on your creativity" is a phrase that fits our current economy and most everyone's need today to both make and SAVE money.

Business Deadlines Were Made to be Broken. Is your happiness and time with loved ones slipping away because you are allowing business deadlines or customer demands to dictate how you live your life?

Found: A New Source of Strength. What Barbara learned about self-sufficiency.

The Healing Power of Friendship and Love. Originally a Brabec Bulletin sent to Barbara's subscribers in March 2016; now archived on the site because it's a message everyone can relate to.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. Barbara waxes nostalgically about what many people are now losing because of the convenience and speed of electronic and digital communication, which has made letters seem impractical. "But don't let your personal, family, and home-business history get lost in the process," she urges.

How to be a Fearless Dreamer and Reinvent Your Life at Any Age. Barbara's thoughts and research about the importance of dreaming and changing your life if it's not all you want it to be.

How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs. Information for seniors and low-income folks who are having a difficult time paying for necessary prescription drugs.

How to Stop Worry at the Gate. (You'll find the secret in the Bible.)

It's a Crazy World Out There. This is a special two-page Brabec Bulletin on the Web, a message with discussions of nine personal and business-related topics relevant to both consumers and self-employed individuals—a Bulletin too long and with too many Web links in it to send to subscribers as a regular email message. (You'll find a Table of Contents on the page link above.)

 I Already Did That! (You don't have to keep doing things you've already done!)

Life Wisdom from Yogi Berra. "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."
Barbara attests to how wondrous things happen each time you take a step in a new direction.

Living in the Age of Electronic Friendships. A reminder of all the personal and business friends you have now that you never would have had if you hadn't begun to correspond by email, opened a website, started a blog, or got active on one or more social networking sites.

Looking at Your Life in an Exciting New Way. Barbara revists a book she first read and reviewed twenty years ago, one that could cause today's readers to seriously rethink their whole life and career/job/business ambitions.

"Every thread of experience you draw through the fabric of your life adds to its texture. If you can see each thing you do as a single thread of life—if you can see the pattern of your life-fabric forming as a result of them—then you can be the weaver of your life." - Anna Miller-Tiedeman, Ph.D.

Now I See Clearly: An Authorís Personal Experience with Monovision Cataract Surgery. What Barbara learned from this journey as a contact lens wearer with monovision will be particularly informative to anyone who has questions about contact lenses, cataract surgery, or their vision options afterwards. This 3-page article includes many sidebar links related to this topic.

Pruning Your Life to Encourage Growth. As we grow older, we need to think about ridding our lives of of things that are stressing us, taking more time than we want to give them, or are simply becoming a burdensome physical responsibility.

A Shop of Her Own. A memorial to Barbara's dear friend, Susan Young, who realized her dream, but didn't live long enough to enjoy it. Links to one of Susan's stories, "The Stray Who Came to Stay," a sweet cat tale.

STRESS: What It Does to You and What You Can Do About It. What Barbara learned about stress and blood pressure.

Tired of Being Fat? How to Finally Lose that Unwanted Weight. The life-changing weight-loss secrets Barbara learned from eight monthsí experience on Weight Watchers (with 32-pounds lost) may be just the push you need to finally get serious about a diet and stick with it. This 3-page article includes many sidebar inks related to Weight Watchers and dieting in general.

The Incredible POWER of Prayer. Barbara shares three amazing emails she received one day.

The Many Faces of Stress, and Why Women Handle it Better Than Men - An experience with "forgetfulness" taught Barbara a new lesson about how stress can affect our daily activities.

A Widow's Thoughts and Advice—Barbara's continuing series of articles for widows begun in 2005. This Table of Contents page describes the content of each article with a selection of books that deal with the grieving process and the loss of a spouse or other loved one.

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer - Barbara's Personal Experience in 1993 (See also 2013 update to this article.)

Will You Be Still Working In Your Seventies? Here's a story about retirement planning with the simple financial exercise that changed Barbara's life and the way she was looking at work itself. It might change your retirement outlook too.


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