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"Through the years, Barbara has become like a fine wine that gets better with age. She is constantly updating her skills . . . and she always gives her clients the best service money can buy.Ē - Shawn Smith, author of Godís Truth or the Liberal Lie

WITH A LIFETIME OF EXPERIENCE as a professional writer, publisher, and trade book author, Barbara Brabec offers much more than mere editing services to her clients. In fact, she brings her entire lifetime of knowledge and experience to the table each time she elects to work with a new client, and that relationship is always a personal one. (See brief summary of Barbara's editing credentials HERE.)

Robert Frost once said that "You can be a little ungrammatical if you come from the right part of the country," and that may be true if you're writing dialogue in fiction.

Where your self-published book is concerned, however, being "a little ungrammatical" could prove not only embarrassing but harmful to your professional image. A self-published book that has not been professionally edited will surely bring unfavorable reviews, and there will be no good word-of-mouth advertising, which all authors need for maximum success. REMEMBER: If your first book isn't well written and edited, no one will read your second.

LET BARBARA HELP YOU get your finished book manuscript professionally edited and ready for publication. As one of her clients, you'll communicate regularly with her during the editing process, receiving editing queries and progress reports by email along with answers to any editing questions you may have. You'll also be able to communicate by phone if you wish. Few (if any) editors on the Web work this closely with their clients.

AFTER THE EDITING HAS BEEN COMPLETED to your satisfaction, you will receive referrals to trusted professionals in Barbara's network who can help you take your edited manuscript all the way to publication. She works closely with professionals who offer affordable high quality typesetting for print editions, book cover design services, Adobe conversions that meet technical print-on-demand requirements, eBook formatting and conversions, and help in setting up a WordPress blog, if this happens to be part of your marketing plan.

Note that guidance about your self-publishing options is not included in the editing fee. If you need more advice than the helpful how-to articles, information, and resources in the Writing/Publishing department, you may wish to set up a telephone consultation to discuss your particular self-publishing situation and get answers to any other questions you may have. In fact, doing this before you begin the editing process is advised, as what you will learn may completely change your self-publishing vision.

Are you ready to work with Barbara?

HER SATISFIED CLIENTS attest to her skill as a writer and editor as well as her ability to address each author's special needs, whether the book is a work of fiction or nonfiction. (Read their comments here.)

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There is NO CHARGE for an introductory ten-minute phone chat to discuss your particular editing needs and time requirements.

Click here for details about Barbara's BOOK MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUING SERVICE, recommended for those who think their book may need extensive editing or content reorganization before editing.

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